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I Will Not Sink

I will not sink.
I will participate in positive, professional dialogue.I will not seek a platform for attention based on negativity or mudslinging.I will avoid listening to gossip about others, and I will not repeat it if I hear it, nor will I give credence to it.I will attempt to turn negative conversations to other topics by injecting a positive insight or suggesting a new topic of conversation.I will walk away from conversations if I cannot participate conscientiously in them and if I cannot effect change.I will seek to find the positive in all situations and people.I will seek conversations and relationships that will focus on growth and positive situations.I will not hide my struggles, but I will address them with honesty and humility, and I will not use my struggles as occasions to harm others.
I will not sink.
    Why is it so much easier to talk about negative things? Why are we attracted to the negative: criticism, complaining, gossip? I think it makes us feel better about ourse…

Letter to Lorenzo

Dear Lorenzo (y amigos),  I am hoping that today I can start you thinking about how you can help yourself and others, just by thinking about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Before you begin, I want to make sure that you know that I really like you and think that you are intelligent, funny and pleasant to be around. I don’t mind your restless energy, and I understand that by the end of the day you’re feeling pretty restless from 7 ½ hours of sitting down.

     My problem is that you use your restless energy to distract and often hurt others. When you speak loudly, especially when it’s across the room, you keep people from being able to concentrate. If you move around the room, other students are distracted from their tasks. When you move, take, destroy or alter other people’s items, you communicate that you think you’re more important than they are, that they are somehow beneath you, and that simply is not true. 

I've tried and tried to find a way to channel his energy.