Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Emulating My Teacher Heroes (1)

My mom tells everyone that I have only ever wanted to do one thing with my life--teach, and she is correct. Even in high school I analyzed my teachers and their teaching methods and identified what I wanted to do like they did. One particular role model was Miss Carole Ewing.

I wasn't the only one who looked forward to Miss Ewing's social studies classes; many of my classmates also loved and admired her. Miss Ewing frequently wore yellow, always smiled enormously, and unfailingly taught with energy and passion. We secretly dubbed her the "Sunshine Lady," and once even secured our principal's permission and assistance to give her a surprise "Sunshine Party" in her classroom.

Her room was full of yellow balloons, yellow streamers, yellow cake, and 25 or so teenagers dressed in yellow shirts. As she entered we all sang, "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..." Of course, she gave us her characteristic grin and the party began.

There were many things about Miss Ewing that I wanted to emulate--her enthusiasm, her high expectations, her time and classroom management, her creative projects and activities, but this is "the one": 


We loved Miss Ewing and her classes because we could see and feel her joy. Likewise, we could experience that joy when we were with her.

I want my students to experience that from me! As they enter the room, do they encounter joy or gloom? What do I communicate to them by my facial expressions, body language, actions and words? I've wanted my whole life to be a teacher; will I follow in the footsteps of my dear role model?

Do you have teacher heroes or role models? 

What attributes or actions do you want to emulate? 

What would you want your students to remember about you?

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