Thursday, April 13, 2017

Rest, Refresh, Recharge, Reach Out!

Spring break is here: 5 days to rest, refresh, recharge. 

How will I spend it?

I'm "hungry" to read, and I'm going to indulge on some new books and reunite with some old friends:

My husband and I will probably spend some time outside cleaning up the yard. It will be enjoyable to work in the fresh air.

I'll celebrate Easter with my church family, and Easter dinner with my in-laws. I am already looking forward to refocusing my perspective on Sunday.

On Monday I'll spend the day with my parents. They will celebrate their 55th anniversary; my brother is cooking dinner for us all. What an exciting milestone!

There is also the matter of school-related busy-ness. I'd like to get my lesson plans for several weeks finalized, and to read and respond to some writing assignments my students have submitted. 

But on my mind are students, colleagues, friends, church family who are in need of encouragement. I want to reach out to them: make phone calls, write cards and postcards, and help and remind them to carry on. I will make this my priority for the weekend! 

A local printer makes postcards for me; my students (and parents) enjoy them!

I hope that your spring/Easter break is restful and productive!

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