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Rest, Refresh, Recharge, Reach Out!

Spring break is here: 5 days to rest, refresh, recharge. How will I spend it?
I'm "hungry" to read, and I'm going to indulge on some new books and reunite with some old friends:

Amazon: Great Expectations, Charles Dickens (there's no denying it, I'm a Dickens fan!) *this one is on my iPadAmazon: A Prisoner and Yet, Corrie Ten Boom (survivor of World War II prison camps) Amazon: Tattoos on the Heart, Gregory Boyle (I can't wait to read his story!) Amazon: An Honest Look at a Mysterious Journey, John & Joanna Stumbo (overcoming tragedy) Amazon: Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning, Charles Schwahn & Beatrice McGarvey (individualized/personalized learning) 
My husband and I will probably spend some time outside cleaning up the yard. It will be enjoyable to work in the fresh air.
I'll celebrate Easter with my church family, and Easter dinner with my in-laws. I am already looking forward to refocusing my perspective on Sunday.
On Monday I'll spe…