Saturday, May 6, 2017

Finishing the School Year: Grace in Action

The school year is nearly ended.

Teachers and students are tired.

     Nerves are frayed.

          Patience is in small supply.

               Demands are high but energy is low.

                    Some students seem to know just how 

                            to push us 


                                          our ability 

                                               to cope.

How can we finish the year strongly?

  • Resolve to love every student: love is an ACT OF THE WILL, not an emotion.
  • Extend grace to forgive and extend trust to students again. 
  • Believe in and encourage the best in each student TODAY, regardless of yesterday.
  • Provide opportunities for each student to taste success.

As the school year closes, let us commit to extending grace again and again. Our toughest students are the ones who most need our patient endurance and gentle guidance.

  • Might we not need to practice these with our colleagues and family well?
  • Certainly they will need to do so for us, won't they?


  1. Love is an act of will, not an emotion....this is excellent!! What an inspiring message for staff as we close the year. This time can be difficult and every bit of inspiration and encouragement is crucial. Thanks for providing both!!


    1. Thank you, Jon, for reading and responding. May we continue to extend grace through the final moments!

  2. Wonderful words of wisdom Senora! Having my patience recently tested. I definitely agree with forgiveness! Whether it takes 7 times, or 77 times (a favorite Bible verse), we need to continue to forgive students and not harbor resentment.

    1. Gracias por leer, Señor. We all have those patience-trying days and weeks. I appreciate your sound Biblical understanding and application. Keep on doing what you do so well--bringing out the best in all your estudiantes!


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